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About Medical Transcription Service

SPSOFT handles various specialties while delivering 98.5%+ of accuracy with 12-24 hours guaranteed TAT. We keep Medical Transcriptionists up-to-date on the trends and challenges affecting Medical Transcription industry to enable them to implement transcription solutions that save our client's money and efforts, while improving quality and productivity. Quality, price within your budget, and deliverability have made us a known name in Medical Transcription services. We are here not only to perform an important job but to perform it correctly and properly. We understand the volatility of existing technology and strive towards future-proof solutions and services to all our clients.

Medical Transcription

12-24 TAT, HIPAA compliance, 98.5% accuracy and competitive and transparent pricing.

EMR/EHR Transcription

We offer EMR/EHR friendly medical transcription services. We can seamlessly work with your EMR / HER system.

  • 500+


  • 98.5%


  • 30

    Billing cycle (days)

  • 12-24

    Turnaround time

    Why select SPSOFT

    Trust is a most important thing in any business. SPSOFT is proud to say that we have many clients with us for more than 10 years. The oldest client is with us since last 17+ years.

    TAT (Turnaround time)

    12-24 hours TAT

    TAT is a key feature of our service. We believe best TAT along with excellent quality is our formula for success.

    Assured quality

    98.5% Accuracy

    We have a long list of clients who are using our services for more than 10+ years, just because of quality of work we do.

    Cost effective

    Best rates

    We offer the best and cost effective transcription services. Our clients benefit from our services in terms of timely delivery with quality.


    HIPAA complaint

    Our processes are very secure and are compliant with HIPAA that guarantees security and privacy of health information.

    Why Outsource Transcription work?

    Main reasons why many businesses outsource transcription work.


    Only pay for what you need it and when you need it.

    TAT and Quality

    You get best TurnAround Time (TAT) with Quality.

    People Management

    You don’t have to recruit extra staff.


    You save money.


    Focus on core activities and grow business.

    Free Trial

    Trust is a most important thing in any business. SPSOFT is proud to say that we have many clients with us for more than 10+ years.

    At SPSOFT, we don't just promise that our services are better or we don't just tell you how easy it is to make the switch and to start using our medical transcription services. Instead, we provide clients the opportunity to try our service for FREE to see for them that SPSOFT can offer all that they have been looking for. This is an effort on our part to help our clients measure our services on the basis of our quality, pricing, timeliness and data management skills.

    You can just click or send email to and we will allocate FTP ID or Toll-free ID for you. We will deliver the work back within 24 hours.

    Billing and Payment

    Trust is a most important thing in any business. SPSOFT is proud to say that we have many clients with us for more than 10+ years.


    30 days billing cycle

    Payment Options


    Other charges

    No Hidden charges

    Payment term

    7 days Net
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    Toll free Dictation

    Dictating directly into our toll free dictation system using your phone. Just call a telephone number (we will provide toll free number and simple instructions document) and dictate. Hang up the phone once you are done with dictation. The system will automatically send us the voice file through secure FTP site and we will send you the transcripts via your mode of preference. You may dictate as many times as you want from anywhere at any time.

    Secure FTP

    We will provide you a secure and unique FTP id and you can upload files onto the FTP server using FTP client (coreFTP, cute FTP, wS FTP, filezilla for windows, mac, linux etc). We will then download these files. Once we complete our work (transcription, editing and proofing) the report will be send back to you via your preferred mode (usually uploaded to the same FTP, and information of upload by email).

    Transcription service


    Commitment to HIPAA

    What are the important requirements of HIPAA for a medical transcription company?

    • Medical transcription service providers must implement technology and business processes in their operation to support these two key requirements:
      • Ensure the security and confidentiality of the patient's Protected Health Information (PHI), and
      • Maintain an audit trial of all individuals who have had access to a PHI
    • Confidentiality is vital when it comes to patient health information and only a compliant HIPAA compliant organization can ensure that any information you dictate is safe and protected.
    • SPCARE being HIPAA compliant provides absolute confidentiality and security of report, guaranteed. We take painstaking measures to protect all patient information. Our internal procedures for privacy and security meet and exceed all HIPAA regulations. Our HIPAA-compliant transcription services are designed to suit the needs of large/small clinics, health centers, physicians and hospitals and provide excellent transcription services to our clients.

    Some of the key points that we can boast are

    • Stringent patient file security measures exceed HIPAA requirements.
    • Privacy, security, and confidentiality awareness training to our entire workforce.
    • Secure and separate FTP sites to upload and download the data.
    • Administrative procedures in place to guard data integrity, patient confidentiality and document availability (Information Access Control and Access Authorization).
    • All persons, administrators and transcriptionists, who have access to any sensitive information, patient records or voice files etc. we have signed confidentiality agreement and non-disclose agreement.
    • All our employees have signed a nondisclosure agreement with company.
    • Secure network and 24-7 security person.
    • Regular back-up is taken and stored in a safe location outside the company premises and retained for 6 months.
    • Technical evaluation is performed on a routine basis to ensure security requirements.

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    Ans. We offer 12-24 hours of Turnaround Time. Best quality with lowest turnaround time helps client to concentrate on their business.
    Ans. Please provide your details and we will get in touch you    
    We offer 12-24 hours of turn around time. Best quality with lowest turn around time helps client to concentrate on its business.
    Ans. You can call us on USA toll free number 1-866-297-0385

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