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About Medical Summarization Service

A well-prepared medical record summary service saves time by organizing medical records in a concise chronological manner facilitating easy assimilation.

We have been providing Medical Summarization / Record review services of highest quality to our clients for more than 10 years. Our in house medicos and doctors who review and effectively amend these documents as per client requirement determine quality –

  1. Sort and categorize Health Records into Administrative, Clinical and Legal.
  2. Segregating Clinical Records into:
    1. Medical – Consultations, progress notes, H&P, operative reports, discharge summaries, P&S reports, etc.
    2. Nursing – I&O, vital signs, medication administration, etc.
    3. Ancillary – Diagnostic studies, pathology reports, therapy reports, etc.
    4. Billing – Insurance EOBs, health insurance claim forms, billing statements.
  3. Perform chronological review of medical records, Billing records, depositions, interrogatories, and BOPs by analyzing and interpreting medical information in a set format and as per guidelines.

medical summarization service in india

Why select SPSOFT

Being best at what you do is an important trait of which SPSOFT is an excellent example.

Simple access

Allowing tracking of all medical visits, and the progression of medical conditions, symptoms, and treatments in the order that they occur.

Hardcore inspection

Summarization of deviations from the standards of care, questionable happenings, particular areas requiring attention that could have a bearing on the case.

Easy to decipher

Saves reading load, dictation and transcription time by greater than 80%.


Settle cases as effectively and quickly as possible.

Step for Medical Summary

Our three step staircase to open doors to perfect for Summarization

Organizing the medical records

The review inspects with the process of systematizing the medical records and converting them into a digital format which is indexed according to type of document.

Building a Chronology of the case

In this stage we list the relevant patient information in order of time. This information is evaluated and analyzed, and then an in-depth medical chronology is prepared of all the medical encounters

Reviewing and interpreting

The final process involves analyzing and preparing concise summaries, highlighting the important information

Our price Models

Best price. We provide guaranteed the lowest price with best quality on our services.

Per page

We submit the number of pages reviewed and its associated bill.

Per hour

We submit the number of hours consumed to complete the report; along with the final report and its associated invoice.

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Why Outsource Summarization work?

Main reasons why many businesses outsource summarization work.


Only pay for what you need it and when you need it.

TAT and Quality

You get best Turnaround Time (TAT) with Quality.

People Management

You don’t have to recruit extra staff.


You save money


Focus on core activities and grow business

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