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About General Transcription Service

SPSOFT is the best in the field of providing general transcription solutions to its clients. Our experienced team of transcriptionists is the strength of our general transcription services. Our team is well equipped to handle number of speakers in recording. We do our best in giving you quality transcription within time.

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Business Transcription

Transcription of conference, interview, board meeting etc.

Legal Transcription

Transcription for attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals.

Media Transcription

Transcription of television dramas, reality shows, news programs, game shows, documentary footage etc.

Educational Transcription

Transcription of lectures, seminars, discussions etc.

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Why Outsource Transcription work?

Main reasons why many businesses outsource transcription work.


Only pay for what you need it & when you need it.

TAT & Quality

You get best Turnaround Time (TAT) with Quality.

People Management

You don’t have to recruit extra staff.


You save money


Focus on core activities and grow business

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Secure FTP

We will provide you a secure and unique FTP id and you can upload files onto the FTP server using FTP client (coreFTP, cute FTP, wS FTP, filezilla for windows, mac, linux etc). we will then download these files. Once we complete our work (transcription, editing and proofing) the report will be sent back to you via your preferred mode (usually uploaded to the same FTP, and information of upload by email).

Why select SPSOFT ?

Quality work

We have a long list of clients who are using our services for more than 10+ years, just because of quality of work we do.

24-48 hours TAT

TAT is a key feature of our service. We believe in providing best TAT along with excellent quality is our formula for success.

Cost effective services

We offer the best and cost effective transcription services. Our clients benefit from our services in terms of timely delivery with quality


Our service concept is about focusing on a full service program for you, 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Data Security

We will provide you a secure and unique FTP id and you can upload files onto the FTP server using FTP client we will then download these files

⚬ Reliable     ⚬ Fast     ⚬ Accurate

Free trial

Trust is a most important thing in any business. SPSOFT is proud to say that we have many clients with us for more than 10+ years.

At SPSOFT, we don't just promise that our services are better or we don't just tell you how easy it is to make the switch and to start using our genral transcription services. Instead, we provide clients the opportunity to try our service for FREE to see for them that SPSOFT can offer all that they have been looking for. This is an effort on our part to help our clients measure our services on the basis of our quality, pricing, timeliness and data management skills.

You can just click or send email to and we will allocate FTP ID or Toll-free ID for you. We will deliver the work back within 24 hours.

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