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The Pen is mightier than The Sword! Writing is a powerful art which can transform any human mind. Welcome to SPSOFT, an expert offering end-to-end business solutions in the field of Healthcare, Lifescience and Software development services. With a decade of experience in a diverse arena, SPSOFT now offers you its high quality content writing services at an extremely reasonable cost. Our content is 100% original. We offer content writing services in various sectors such as Technical writing, Website writing, Articles & blogs writing, SEO content writing, Marketing content writing and Book writing.The content writing services at SPSOFT is a team of highly experienced and passionate people. Their dedicated efforts offer an error-free and impactful content designed to meet your requirements. Our team writes content in both US and UK English and works under strict timelines to ensure that you get your desired content on time.

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Technical Writer

Define your Technology with Powerful Words!

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Due to increase in outsourcing of product development activity, there is a huge demand for technical writing experts. If you are looking for someone whom you can hand over a technical assignment and get your work done, then your search is over. At SPSOFT out technical writing team will create a range of deliverables that meet the requirements of diverse audiences across multiple domains. SPSOFT offers technical writing services for:

  1. User and Technical Documentation
  2. Project Documentation
  3. Policies and Processes
  4. Project Proposals
  5. Brochures
  6. Website Content
  7. White papers
  8. Case studies
  9. Training Material
  10. Interactive Training Manuals

Why Outsource Content writing work?

Main reasons why many businesses outsource Content writing work.


Only pay for what you need it & when you need it.

TAT & Quality

You get best Turnaround Time (TAT) with Quality.

People Management

You don’t have to recruit extra staff.


You save money


Focus on core activities and grow business

Book Writer

Book is a gift that you can open again and again!

If you are busy scheduling an appointment with a publisher and don’t have enough time to write an impact full content for your book, we can do it for you. At SPSOFT we offer creative minds that will draft thought worthy content for your book. Your content will be drafted keeping your original concept in mind. You can save your time and devote it for the other necessary tasks on hand. Meanwhile if you come up with some content from your end, we will be more than happy to incorporate in the book. Authors, executives, doctors, businessmen, professionals, can avail our services. We offer Ghost Writing services; which means that our name and identity will be hidden, you can use your name as the sole writer of your book. We will not own copyright for any of the services mentioned below:

  1. Essays
  2. Articles
  3. Biography/autobiography
  4. Self-help
  5. Academic
  6. Business
  7. Motivational
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Website Content Writing

Your Thoughts, Our Words!

Do you have a concept in mind but have not been able to put it up on the World Wide Web? SPSOFT is here to help you. Writing web content is all about developing textual, visual and aural content to create a user-friendly environment. SPSOFT offers web content services that include embedding documents, data, applications, e-services, images, audio, video files, and personal web pages and so on.

Why select SPSOFT ?

Best Rates in Market

SPSOFT offers the best rates in market. We ensure that the final content will justify its worth.

Quick Turn Around Time

Our qualified team works under defined time lines and provides high quality, original, grammatically correct and engaging content in just no time!

Easy Process of Engagement

Commitment, Dedication and Trust are the three values we keep in mind while working for any of our clients.

Academic Writing

Contributing towards Education!

We at SPSOFT provide a completely technical and academic writing service depending on your educational requirements. We offer relevant, high-quality academic write-up with numerous examples and easy to understand content for any age groups.

⚬ Reliable ⚬ Fast ⚬ Accurate

Articles & Blogs Writing

This is all about Branding!

Social Media Marketing has become an integral part of any business that helps it compete in the market. Blogging and writing articles is a trend today. Be it any new product, venture, initiative, or simply a hobby, blogging is the new form of advertising. If you are busy managing your new business, leave it’s advertising to us! Our services will enable you to reach out to larger audiences and increase your visibility in market. We are here to provide our services to individual publishers, entrepreneurs, corporate organizations and newbies. We will help you set up your blog and maintain it, ensuring that you have don’t have to devote time for marketing activities. SPSOFT offers services in the form of:

  1. Lead Generation Blogs
  2. Blog Content Writing Services
  3. Social Media Content Writing Services
  4. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Marketing Content Writing Services

Free trial

Trust is a most important thing in any business. SPSOFT is proud to say that we have many clients with us for more than 10+ years.

At SPSOFT, we don't just promise that our services are better or we don't just tell you how easy it is to make the switch and to start using our content writing services. Instead, we provide clients the opportunity to try our service for FREE to see for them that SPSOFT can offer all that they have been looking for. This is an effort on our part to help our clients measure our services on the basis of our quality, pricing, timeliness and data management skills.

You can just click or send email to and we will allocate FTP ID or Toll-free ID for you. We will deliver the work back within 24 hours.

SEO Writing

Words that take your Business to another Height!

To increase the ranking on any search engine, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most essential part of content writing. At SPSOFT we ensure that you get the right content for your website that is well optimized for the search engines. We will help you put your content and key words in the right blend. With our assistance, your content will definitely attract lot of readers, increasing your website’s visibility. We offer services into:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Online marketing (SEO, social media, Google business view)
  3. Content writing (blogs, articles, SEO, product description, e-books)

Marketing Content Writing

Your Thoughts, Our Words!

At SPSOFT we understand the unique aspects of your business and we also study the current market trend. We then match the synergies between your business and the target audience and produce a client capturing content for you. Our Marketing content is fully customized as per your requirement so that your business makes the best out of it. Our services include:


We strategize the business to make sure that it captures the maximum audience possible.


Content management with the help of infographics, white papers, videos and so much more.


Content distribution through ads, digital PR, social media capturing tailored as per your business.

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