Why work with Us ?

Drive by our core values of integrity, quality, commitment, we are and renowned for excellence in everything we do.

The SPSOFT Mantra

Want to join a fast-growing organization where everyone is engaged and actually excited to come to work ?

SPSOFT's employees recognize their peers daily, get meaningful feedback from their managers and understand how the work they do drives the company's growth. Sometimes we work hard, other time we play hard, but we always have a lot of fun. Working with SPSOFT is not a job. It's a journey. A rich experience. There's so much to explore here - even about yourself - that every day is a new day. You want a challenging and enjoyable work environment - We want you to realize your potential. You want to be recognized for your work - We want you to fulfill your aspirations. Today, SPSOFT is building tomorrow's enterprise. And guess who's making this possible? SPIANS - Our people - yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Work Culture

SPSOFT is a people-oriented company and we truly believe that happy and energized employees are the key to our success. We strive to create a vibrant and open work environment that is employee-friendly and socially responsible. We offer a global work culture that provides opportunities for constant learning and growth, based on our culture of performance and meritocracy. We believe that open, transparent and frequent communication with employees on both good and bad news fosters trust and goes a long way in building employee loyalty. We leverage technology as well as the power of face-to-face interaction, to regularly connect and communicate with employees. We have created a culture that emphasizes customer centricity, teamwork, and continuous process improvement.

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Career Development

We at SPSOFT are always looking for qualified and energetic individuals, with a desire for excellence, to join our team. We offer careers not jobs to our employees, by continuously upgrading their knowledge and rewarding them time to time for their dedicated efforts. If you want the world to be your playground, you need the best coaches. That's just what you'll get at SPSOFT. Whether it's helping you becoming better at what you're already good at, or helping you discover what you're the best at, we have the right people and programs for you.

Reward Recognition?

To high performers to continue with their winning ways, while also raising the bar higher for mediocre performers to perform better. Rewarding is intrinsic to our nature and we ensure that excellence never goes unrecognized. We believe that rewarding provides recognition and motivation Rewards aren't limited to monetary compensation. We offer our employees a comprehensive range of tangible and intangible benefits that help us retain the best and brightest professionals in the industry. Elements of our Total Rewards package include:

  1. Challenging Work
  2. Benefits
  3. Variable Pay
  4. Rewards and Recognition
  5. Work-Life Balance
  6. Employee Development

Current Opening

Tell us where you think you fit best, we’ll tell you how to get there.

  1. Medical reviewer (1-3 year experience)
  2. Training / Freshers with medical background (BHMS/BAMS/BDS/BSc biotechnology/MSc biotechnology).