businesses need summarization services and why.

Which businesses need summarization services and why?

Medical documents can be difficult to understand as they contain complex medical terminology. The document usually has lot of medical information and abbreviations which can cause hindrance in understanding the reports. Same applies to legal documents. Legal language is also very complex and needs summarization for easy interpretation.

Medical summarization service provides a summary of patient’s medical records in a wholesome easy to understand form. The service takes its inputs from patient’s historical medical records and creates a summary of the entire information available. An efficient medical summarization involves integrating a large amount of information, offering easy access to the entire patient’s medical records and preventing information overload for the medical personnel accessing the data.

Medical summarization is a precise style of writing. Professional medical summarizers take into account the end use of the report as instructed by clients. This helps them highlight essential pointers within the report that might be helpful for the end-user if required. Summarization is carried out by highly-trained professionals who understand the legal aspects involved and its importance. The report is prepared in such a manner that in case of an argumentative situation, the client will win the case. Professionals creating the report ensure that it contains all the essential points.

Medical summarization process includes steps like highlighting the relevant symptoms and treatment of the patient, creating footnotes with definitions for uncommon medical terminology, creating timelines and charts to explain the sequence of treatment taken by the patient and identifying the missed records and bills of the treatment.

Medical Summarization Procedure:

  • The client or the company offers a dossier that contains scan paper records/ images collated in a comprehensive manner.
  • Once the dossier is received, the summarization team reads the documents carefully understanding every piece of the information and start integrating them into a comprehensive report using the steps mentioned above.
  • Final summary is then generated in a user-friendly format and is made available for a review of the client.

Medical record summarization services are required by businesses which are associated with insurance claim settlements. Some examples to mention are:

  • Medico-legal firms
  • Independent or qualified medical evaluators
  • Independent medico-legal attorneys
  • Medical documentation management companies
  • Litigations related to workmen compensation arising out of injuries during on-job activities.

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