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How to select best transcription service provider?

The best don’t comes easily, and it is the same thing when we talk about the best transcription service provider. There are many firms in the market offering comprehensive transcription services that makes it extremely difficult to list a company meeting your set criteria. To make it simple, ensure to check on following points while selecting a transcription service provider:

The first major step is to ask the transcription service provider to provide a sample. Go through the sample transcription, and ensure that it meets the set standards in terms of quality, accuracy and consistency. For the same purpose, check the skills set of team members, right from the language control to listening. This can be confirmed again with a sample project and asking for credential requests.

Apart from individual skills, it is vital to verify the project management skills of the company. The transcription service provider should have an in-house project management. It will help to establish a seamless communication between you and the company.

Once you are sure about the content quality, then check if the company has sufficient resources to meet your requirement. Even if you don’t have large volume of transcription work right away, ensure the company is capable of scaling if required. They should possess adequate resources in-house to address larger volume of work, as and when required. The quantity should not compromise quality at any point of time.

For quantity also, it is must to verify whether the service provider is offering realistic estimates or just boasting the numbers. A clear, concise plan as to when the work will be completed, and what resources might be required, always helps. The idea is to get clarity on the pricing and turnaround time depending on different factors impacting the entire process.

Another factor that cannot be ignored while choosing a transaction service provider is confidentiality of your content. At any point of time, the recording and transcriptions should not be shared with a third party or compromised to change the context. There should be stringent file transfer protocols in place, right from the start of the project until final delivery.

Last but not the least, the rates offered by the transaction service provider should be at par with the industry standards. Don’t forget to get quotes from multiple firms in market. Compare and then select transcription service provider for your job, considering all the other factors.

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