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Through its steadfast focus on technologies, commitment for fulfilling its customers priorities and an organic growth strategy, SPSOFT has come to establish unique brand equity among global clients. Our teams boast of highly specialized and challenging work and are an invaluable asset to a growing client base. We ensure cost-effective, timely services through a highly motivated, skilled workforce driven by strong design principles, highest levels of quality and ethical business practices and thus exceeding exception.

We understand the volatility of existing technology and strive towards future-proof solutions and services to all our clients.

Process and Policies

Quality management

  • Process heads/process owners (PH/POs) are responsible for ensuring quality at a project / process level.
  • Internal quality auditors (IQAs) conduct internal audits following QMS objectives across all processes / groups and all projects within each process/group on a quarterly basis.
  • An external accreditation body conducts surveillance audits for our ISO 9001:2008 certification once every nine months.

Quality planning

  • Quality assurance (QA) activities include defining processes - if not already defined, implementing already defined processes, training of team members, periodic quality audits and implementing serious project management practices.
  • Quality control (QC) activities include expert and management reviews of all the work products once they are released, either through inspections or walk-through.

Change management

  • Configuration management - A configuration analyst is responsible for all the configuration management related activities. A formal documentation procedure is prepared and followed along with project specific deviations.
  • Change control - whenever change requests are received, the project manager reviews it initially, analyses for its feasibility and then reviews if periodically for progress review. If feasible, the impact of these changes is analyzed on all the levels of the work product life cycle. Project Manager can have client representatives review change requests and the impact analysis.

Project management

State-of-the-art project management tools are used to deliver projects within the mutually agreed time schedule maintaining quality standards. Based on the nature of the project, technology, and methodology, the planning activity is divided into a series of 'milestones'. Each milestone has inputs, processing steps, outputs (work products), completion criteria, acceptance criteria and so on. Work products are tested for quality before using them as inputs into subsequent milestone. A project manager reviews the progress of the team with the team leader at weekly project meetings. Issues that require immediate action are expedited with definite action plan. Management reviews at predefined intervals and during every milestone by project manager and group in-charge helps in assessing progress and defining directions for future plans.

Communication and reporting

SPSOFT's communication with client is significant for the overall control and predictability of each project and its status. The communication is also necessary for SPSOFT's understanding about client's business and project requirements. The processes instituted lay stress on reporting mechanisms. The client is kept abreast of the current status of the projects through reporting at predetermined intervals. At the start of a project, specific reporting formats are laid down for daily, weekly and milestone-based reporting through predetermined channels of communication. Besides laying down the channels of communication, one-on-one interaction is encouraged through conference calls, as per the need. Frequent visits by customers to SPSOFT have been known to enhance their confidence in our delivery mechanisms.

Activity planning

Effective processes for resource and manpower planning ensure that there are no hiccups in the functioning of the activities and no delays in the delivery of projects due to unplanned lead times and ramp-up schedules. Our periodic planning process takes into account the upcoming projects and the details which include provisional start date, estimated effort requirements, time schedules, proposed skills required, infrastructure impact, and visa requirements, if any. In addition we also plan for other project specific requirements that may have an impact on the overall project life cycle, beforehand.

Infrastructure management

This includes management of infrastructure as well as manpower resources. Depending on client requirements; allocation of space, hardware and communication link is set up. SPSOFT has a state-of-the-art facility in India. We have excellent infrastructure spread over 8,000 square feet at Pune with various facilities and good working environment for the employees, which helps us to provide quality services to our clients. Our non-compromising approach to infrastructure, builds upon our core value of providing quality service to our customers. We believe that quality infrastructure impacts on quality execution and delivery.

Human resources management

When human resource planning processes are effective, ramp-up through resource acquisition and training can be planned without causing delays in resource deployment. With these processes in place, SPSOFT can also plan the reallocation of manpower when a scaling down is required, thereby reducing costs of staffing. Effective planning also helps to maintain the teams' morale, aid in team development activities and also have a positive impact on retention rates. Processes for recruitment, employee development and allocation assure the quality of the people we recruit, the training we impart, and the availability of people with the right skills. In addition to a two-week induction-training program, at SPSOFT, every consultant undergoes a mandatory six days of development training every year. Besides covering technology skills, development training also covers inculcating management skills, communication skills and building a perspective on quality.

Knowledge management and transfer

During the initial stage of a project, SPSOFT acquires the business and domain expertise that is specific to the client requirement. For this, knowledge components for transfer are identified and a structured mechanism is set in place for their transfer. As professionals get accustomed to the system, there is a significant scope for improvement of the value of applications through performance and functionality enhancements. Knowledge of these as well as newer technologies incorporated is then transferred back to the internal staff of the client's organization.


What We Do?

We conceptualize business strategies with regard to your need and blend them with technical know-how, cost effectiveness, and timely services converging into all round customer satisfaction.

We fabricate future proof solutions in the domains of Medical Transcriptionservice, Medical Summarization, mobile app and Software Development with possibility of customizations best suited to your motives.

medical transcription serviceSPSOFT an ISO 9001:2008 company started its transcription division - SPSOFT at pune in december 1999. We have 18+ years of experience in the Medical Transcription business; to handle various specialties while delivering more than 98.5% of accuracy with 12-24 hours guaranteed TAT.

We keep Medical Transcriptionists up-to-date on the trends and challenges affecting Medical Transcription to enable them to implement transcription solutions that save our clients money, while improving quality and productivity. Quality, price within your budget and deliverability have made us a known name in Medical Transcription services. We are here not only to perform an important job but to perform it correctly and properly.

medical summarization servicesA well prepared medical record summary service saves time by organizing medical records in a concise chronological manner facilitating easy assimilation.

We have been providing Medical Summarization/ record review servcies of highest quality to our clients. This quality is determined by our in house medicos & doctors who review and effectively amend these documents as per client requirement.

We offer these servcies to - Doctors / Attorneys / Medico-Legal experts / insurance company."

medical summarization services indiaCustom application development helps to address the requirements that are unique to a business. Most of the ready solutions that are available in the market may not address the complete requirements of a business, so there arises need to develop custom applications. Our main aim is to help our clients by providing solutions for their specific business requirements and help them achieve business objectives. We take special care for customized application development, which are tailored to the client's precise business requirements. Our technical experts and project management team will guide you from the initial step of a business idea to the implementation of a cost effective quality software solution to your business.

Mobile and wireless technologies are moving to the forefront in a world of seamless enterprise usage and exponential device growth. SPSoft being one of the leading mobile application development companies, aim to become a one-stop shop for wireless application vendors. Having its eye set on being one of the fastest growing units, we aim to keep hand in hand with the fast paced wireless industry, where technology changes occur almost every other day.

medical summarization servicesSPSOFT is the best in the field of providing general transcription solutions to its clients. Our experianced team transcriptionists is a streanth of our general transcription servies. Our team is well equiped to handle number of speakers in recording. We do our best in giving you quality transcriptoin within time.

  1. Business Transcription
  2. Interview Transcription
  3. Legal Transcription
  4. Media Transcription
  5. Educational Transcription

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